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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the question is...

It's the moment you've been waiting for. What you've been dying to know. It has been nagging at the back of your brain stem for quite some time now, but rest easy little cookie monsters, I have the brother pucking answer.

The best banana smoothie in Brisbane resides at Quench in James Street.

It's called "Bananaramamlamablahblahbal" something like that.

The first sip was tantalizing; I knew I wanted another. Even after a full lunch I knew this smoothie was not going to induce guilt, but rather take me on a tastebud journey that ravished me and left me wanting more and more.

I was not wrong. Perfect ratio of honey to fresh natural yoghurt to milk. Yummmmmmm.

You will not regret ONE second of it.

Coming in at a close second place is QUT's "Boys" cafe at the Kelvin Grove Campus which features a banana smoothie that is thick and luscious on the palette. Extra kudos due to the fact you can add blueberries or chai to the original smoothie.

Though, they could ease up on the honey.

Third place on the banana smoothie scale will require you to hit up Spoon Cafe. More specifically, the Spoon Cafe residing in James Street also. It's just opposite Quench, so it depends how you're feeling that day. The banana smoothie at Spoon is definately heavier and features more foam and also has a crapload of honey in it, making it super sweet.

Bonus about Spoon is you can get a fab lunch while you're there; I recommend the smoked salmon bagel or the calamari.

If you have a place that features an epic banana smoothie I freaking want to know about it. Email me at or comment me.


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