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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

we have the cure...

Well ladies, as you are all well and truly aware, we are subject to the media's influence. We see this everyday when we flick through the  tv channels, meander through flashy boutiques or turn through trashy magazines. Confronted with harmful imagery such as young girls dressed in designer outfits, dangerously thin models sucking back on durries and my favourite, twelve-year old girls sipping lattes. Specifically I'm talking about the media's influence on our thoughts on fashion and on body image, and the way it is at the moment really, it has to change.

All I'm saying is that never should you listen to those voices out there that are telling you "you can't eat this with this on it or you'll get heart disease", "you must have protein with every meal or you'll turn into a giant marshmellow" or "if you wear that coat walking will consume seventy-seven extra calories due to the weight of the buttons".

Things are incredibly convoluted in regards to body image and fashion due to the uprise in technology and the massive amounts of exposure we are now faced with in regards to confronting imagery. Every left right and centre websites are adorned with images and facts that make us feel uncomfrotable in our skins But what we must remember is that the people who are telling you all these facts are often as insecure and unsure about themselves as you are.

Embrace what you have on your butt, what you possess in your wardrobe and how you carry yourself on a day to day basis.

Nuff of that, more of this.

How great are these?!?!

The brand "Wildfox Couture" is a fantastic new find that celebrities such as LiLo, Eva Mendes and Paris Hilton have all been seen out and about showcasing. They're known for their tee's, but they do a whole bunch of other stuff that is covered with cute logos and graphics inspired by the 60's and 70's.  

They showcase items like this and a trillion million more on u.k. online shopping site

We're in love with those skeleton leggings; bloody brilliant fashion by the Brits. 

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