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Monday, June 14, 2010

What's Up Doc?

Before I start may I just say I would offer all my phalanges and most of my limbs to be able to do the Looney Tunes voice overs. I was just reminded when I gave the post a title how much I've always envied people like Robin Williams who can control the retardation in their voices. I just listen to Porky Pig and feel like I'm going insane with jealousy everytime that voice artist does that stutter...

Nevertheless, I will move on to what I know you're here for.

Carrot Cake.
I know I know, usually I'm one for decadence, but my family said they'd ship me to the Amazon as a "gift" for the pygmies to use and abuse me as a sacrifice if I made something similar to last weeks cake.

I also felt it necessary to tone it down a touch on the saturated fat side of things as my waistline has been protruding over my Bettina Liano's due to the fact I was the only one brave enough to slowly munch my way through the butterscotch buttercream sitting in my fridge...

So that brings us to now.

I'm pretty happy with this cake, I stole and tinkered with a recipe from a vego's bible; "Delia's Vegetarian Cookbook" which offers some farken fab recipes if you don't like to chew the beef, ahem, as I and the rest of the sane population do.

It's fairly nutty as I used almond meal instead of the wholemeal flour the original suggests but whatever, each to their own.

Also, I may come back to this recipe on another day as my addiction to butter and brown sugar tells me that caramelizing the carrots before putting them in the cake may lead to extra frothtastic tastebud sensations. Then again, I do love butter so much I would put it on just about anything, why just the other day I buttered my steak. I can just sense the butter in my fridge calling out my name, wishing it was brimming slowly towards my drooling jaws. Butter is the food of the Gods. Screw all of you and your margarines and cream cheese spreads, I want my golden yellow lifeforce on everything.

God I get so distracted.

Keep you posted.


Carrot Cake w/ Mascarpone, Fromage Frais and Cinnamon Icing


200g grated carrots
200g brown sugar (dark is better but it really doesn't matter.)
2 large eggs brought to room temperature
150mL rice bran oil (or sunflower oil)
100g plain or wholemeal flour
100g almond meal*
some mixed spice
some nutmeg
some cinnamon
1 teaspoon of bicarb soda
grated zest of an orange
handful of dessicated coconut (feel free to omit or use shredded.)

*I always make my own almond meal by buying whole dry roasted almonds and blending them in a food processor until they form a fine powder. Tastes so much better and gives your finished cake a more natural look and taste.

Preheat your oven to 175 degrees celsius. Ooooh toasty.

Whisk your brown sugar, eggs and oil together in a bowl until all your sugar is dissolved. Now sift the flour, spices and bicarb into the bowl and stir gently. Incorporate all of your other ingredients.

Chuck your batter in your heavily greased or lined tin. If you have any brown sugar left, get some and whisk in a little butter in a separate bowl then sprinkle this buttery sugary mess strategically on the top of your cake. Bake for 30 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean when you put him in.

250g mascarpone
200g fromage frais 8 per cent (you can sub in cream cheese or a low fat cottage cheese if you can't find this but there is no real substitute for the real deal.)
teaspoon of cinnamon
tablespoon of lemon juice

Whip all these ingredients together until they form what looks like an icing...duh.

Bung on the icing when your bad boy is cooled down and wah-lah. Serve warm.

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