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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Where to eat.

Yo so last night I went to the "Euro" for dinner.

You may have heard of it, it's one of Brisbane's most notable restuarant's "Urbane" extension restaurants residing next door. The interior and what I can see of the bar as I am ushered into a deceptive little hole in the wall tells me that the joint is doing a pretty successful trade despite being fairly new.

It's pretty dim lighting but this creates an intimate vibe; you feel pretty at ease as the waiter shows you to your table.

Wine List = Awesome! I'm only new to the wine scene but they have such an extensive selection. It's mostly Australian despite the restaurants name. I had a red; I wish I could remember which...

Menu = HUGE. Like literally you're given an A3 sheet of cardboard and told to pick. Pretty dandy how they have a selection of cheeses and meats you can have to share in a massive group and choices that cater for the couples dining.

Yummy rye and wholemeal bread was offered to us at the start. I love this, little bits of rye crust in olive oil are just a fab way to start a meal.

I chose an entree of scallops which were cooked to absolute perfection. The flavours in that small bite verged on epic; I tasted tomato relish, aubergine, leek and mouthwatering traces of butter. They were on a little bed of puree which tread a fine line between snot texture and mashed potato, making it divine to hold in your mouth.

For my main I ordered the spelt tagliatelle with wagyu bolognaise. Pretty much fancy spaghetti. The meal tasted as though it was rushed; my pasta was very very al dente but overall it was a pretty sweet bowl of spag bol. Wouldn't order this again though.

Overall the "Euro" is a great restaurant, but it needs a bit of work. Especially in regards to service (we waited a good hour and a half for our main).

I'd give it a six out of ten, take your lover there, though be prepared for an honest fork out.

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